The added value of Jacobs Reels is more than just producing and supplying reels. The company combines valuable services to these activities. We are convinced that clients and other stakeholders profit from these services. For years our output has been moving to the left of the Service‐Goods Continuum.


You determine the delivery terms. Because we have the complete control over our own logistics, we possess the flexibility to meet your demands. Our current customers get their reels exactly how they see fit: on specific pallets, tied or not, in waterproof bags, piled a certain way,... Even an unexpected change of delivery time or place will be accommodated by us.

Delivery times

Your reels will be delivered punctually and on short delivery times. We are convinced that this is crucial for the trust between the supplier and the client. Our control over the logistics and a flexible production process support this service.


You will only receive reels that meet your demands. We have guarded our integral production process with a smart quality system. Continuous checks are made that compare to the specification. Both manually and automatically. On top of that, for every new design a prototype is created, this way you can convince yourself of the reliability.


You will receive the reels you need. Various parameters can influence the reel: price, quality, carrying capability, cable length, waterproof or not,... Often you know exactly which reel you need. However we have an intelligent model which can recommend reels to you with the perfect combination of characteristics.

We are at your service!

We are at your service. This is a mind‐set hardcoded into Jacobs Reels. The client is important. We always assume long‐term relations based on trust. We want to provide a hassle free delivery of reels, so that you can concentrate entirely on your own business. This translates itself, inter alia, into emergency deliveries for acute shortages. This is already a feature much appreciated by our current clients.


A reliable supplier, punctual and speedy deliveries, cheap yet innovative. The mission can only be realised with competent and skilled employees. Jacobs Reels aims for an agreeable working environment in which its employees can bloom based on experience and education. Flexibility is expected, but also supplied, it goes both ways.


A third stakeholder which we do not lose sight of is our planet. We consider it our task to process the resources in a sustainable way, and to put as little pressure on the environment as possible. Apart from our moral incentive we are convinced that Corporate Social Responsibility is the modern way of working, which does not only yield social profits but could lead to economic profits as well.