A reel consists of two flanges on the outside and a cylindrical core (or drum) on the inside. The common notation is [aaa x bbb x ccc] of which:
aaa: is the flange diameter
bbb: is the core diameter
ccc: is the winding width (or the length of the core)

Each reel undergoes extensive quality testing under which a test of the carrying capacity. Prototypes can be requested at any time.

We produce reels in multiple types and dimension to the wishes of the customer. Based on our many years of experience and product knowledge we can offer advice and recommendations as well.



(Russian) birch plywood, pine plywood, solid wood, OSB, MDF, hardboard or cardboard.

diameter: from 100 mm to 1500 mm
thickness: from 4 mm to 30 mm

We can offer holes in the flanges (drive‐in holes, cable holes,...) in all possible geometrical shapes to desired specifications. Logos and other prints can be applied as well, according to the wishes of the client. The flanges can be coated with an ultra‐smooth and/or waterproof layer.



triplex, hardboard, cardboard, plastic or solid wood.

length: from 50 mm
Diameter: from 80 mm to 1000 mm

We can offer holes in the cores to the specification of the client. The cores can be combined from multiple layers of hardboard and/or triplex.



Metal tubes, threaded rods, glue.

The connection is an important parameter of the carrying capacity. Extra fastener bolts, studs, plates, counterbore holes, etc. can be applied.