The Birth of a Passion

Jacobs Reels arose from another enterprise, from Roti Ramen, which is a general carpentry company focusing on windows, doors, roofs and stairs. Roti Ramen was established by Roger Jacobs in 1986.

In the summer of 1990 the initial contact was made between Roti Ramen and Nexans about the manual restoration of wooden reels. Roger quickly became passionate about acquiring product and market knowledge.

Shortly after Roti Ramen was no longer just restoring reels, but has started producing them as well. This phase of development was followed by a quick penetration of the cable world. The reel‐activities were from then on acting more and more like a separate entity.

Establishment and Growth

In 1991 the reel production was accommodated in a separate company, Jacobs Roger Ltd.

It was not just the legal form that changed; the production processes underwent thorough modifications as well. The technology and processes were tailored to fit a mass production of reels. This renewal allowed the capacity to grow significantly.

The turnover showed a nice growth as well. The demand is mostly stimulated by a highly reliable service. This is still recognized today by the multinational clients.


In the end of 2009 Joachim Jacobs conjugated the management of the family business. The company is renamed to Jacobs Reels. This name was chosen to emphasize the products and familial character. The English term is used to favour the international market. The company adopts the slogan: “Your reliable partner”. This puts to words our most precious yet intangible asset on the market: reliability.

In the future a fresh outlook, innovation and driven professionalization, both in the technological and administrative field, will support the authentic mission.