Assembly kits

Jacobs Reels is a reel supplier that thinks along with their clients. We offer innovative solutions that fit you best. We are masters at optimising any trade‐offs between price, quality, flexibility, stock, delivery time,... A great example of this are our assembly kits, which we developed for a global player from the cable industry.

The assembly kit consists of (unassembled) flanges, cores and connection elements. With the aid of our assembly machine* you can put these components together to the reel you desire. The machine takes up little space (± 2 m2) and is extremely fast. On top of this the machine is silent and uses very little energy.

This solution provides flexibility in both time and product. Your own cable operator can use his overhead‐time to produce your reels, just‐in‐time. We can also supply an operator for this task. Furthermore you can design a specific reel by combining the individual components.

The benefits:

  • low transport costs
  • low stocking costs
  • create the exact reel you desire
  • just‐in‐time

* patent pending