Reels are abundantly used to package and transport cable, wire, string, rope or any other windable material.

Our plywood reels are mostly used as non‐reusable, single use packaging. However more and more clients are starting up returning systems in order to use their reels more than once. The quality allows such use.

Plywood reels are strong and inexpensive. The finish is splinter‐free and thanks to the plywood characteristics no extra heat treatments are necessary.

To give you an idea of which cable types are wound around our reels you will find a concise listing below, as well as the industries our reels are often used by.

Cable types

  • Flexible cords and torsion wires
  • Cables for cable ducts and chains
  • Optical fibre cables
  • Single core, twisted‐pair, coaxial and triaxial cables
  • Bus cables
  • Hybrid and special cables
  • Control and connection cables
  • Data cables
  • Isolated and protected cables


  • Heavy industry: Instrumentation, automation
  • Energy: wind energy, solar energy, energy transport
  • Transport: automotive, railways, air and space travel
  • Data communication
  • Telecommunication
  • Fiber optics
  • House hold appliances
  • Heating
  • Lighting